Our professional consignment service of authentic designer items is one of the most attractive in the market. We aim to sell your items with the best possible pricing within reasonable time frame. 

Commission is charged on the final sale listing price, inclusive postage to client buyer with break-down as follows:

Sale Listing Price              Commission Percentage

AU$1,500 or less                 AU$250 

AU$1,500 above                  15% or as agreed

For Birkin, Kelly and Constance; we offer as low as 10% comission percentage. Our break-down commission fee inclusive postage to client buyer. 

Items accepted for consignment with us must be in AUTHENTIC excellent/very good, pristine to brand new condition. At the moment, we accept consignment items only within Australia. 

Note that we have every rights to refuse selling and reject consignment item, should we find any off-standard feature in the submitted consignment item. Photos of items must be submitted in natural day light to clearly show at least each side of item (i.e. front, back, sides, top, base, and interior). 

So, what is next?

Step 1: Submit photos, spec details, condition of the item and any reserved price that you would like to sell
Step 2: We will get back to you if we can sell within reserved price and/or with a price quote within 48 hours timeframe
Step 3: Send us your items
Step 4: Get paid by bank transfer, Transferwise, Paypal transfer or store credit

All inquiries and submission for consignment can be sent to

Once sale is confirmed, processing time for payout to consignors on average are made within 7 business days to allow complete fund clearance and delivery. Payment is made via bank transfer to account nominated by consignor. Ayainlove is not liable for lost funds if consignor has provided incorrect account details. 

Ayainlove requires a minimum of 60 days to sell the consigned item exclusively. Early termination will incur full amount of consignment commission charge.

Shipping fee from Consignor to Ayainlove (or return from Ayainlove to Consignor) is Consignor cost. Any damage, delay or missing package during item shipment to Ayainlove is consignor’s responsibility.